Thursday, July 28, 2011

Larry King Tuesday (Thursday Edition)

I'm already sick of The Smurfs and the movie hasn't even come out yet.

Buy seven get one free
Larry King is currently on a comedy tour, presumably doing old Catskills-style jokes.  I wonder if his opening line is "Take my ex-wives, please."

In Los Angeles, Subway charges tax if you get your sandwich heated.  That's why I save the 51 cents and stick it in the microwave myself.

A new comforter can make all the difference in your sleeping experience.

A riot broke out last night at a Hollywood screening of the documentary Electric Daisy Carnival Experience about the electronic music festival. No word on what prompted the melee, but I'm guessing word spread that skinny jeans are out of fashion.

I'll take 'Home Invasion' for $600
Don't fuck with Alex Trebek.

Scarlett Johansson can't go to the Marine Corps Ball because she has "prior commitments."  I'm guessing those "commitments" include not wanting to go to the Marine Corps Ball.

Running a blog is more work than it seems.  That's why I'm considering outsourcing it to India.

One of these days the folks at Twitter will realize both computers and smartphones can handle more than 140 characters at a time.

"I'm sorry"
I don't really care if you think you can dance.

Dave Chapelle apologized for one bad night of stand up comedy he recently did in Miami. If comics are now saying "I'm sorry" for unfunny routines, don't you think Carrot Top owes about 20 years of apologies?

I've never known anyone who watched One Tree Hill, but for some inexplicable reason the show is going into its ninth season.  Makes me wonder what Arrested Development did wrong.

Is it tomorrow yet?

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