Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Temp Diaries is looking for correspondents

Hi. It's your host Temp X here. Hope your day sucks less than mine.

From its humble beginning on the back of an EDD envelope, the Hollywood Temp Diaries has always been about me. This approach has captured the imaginations of tens of people around the world. But every once in a while (like when I run Copyright Infringement Theatre), I long to hear about the experiences of other Hollywood nobodies.

My exposure to entertainment idiocy is typically in an office in Burbank, but there's so much more to this head-up-its-own-ass industry than that. There's the agencies, the production offices and the PR firms among others. There's so much silliness that we need to know about and share. This is why I am officially extending an invitation to you to be an official Hollywood Temp Diaries correspondent.

As a correspondent, you can write about anything related to your trials and tribulations in entertainment. This could entail the joy of driving across town to secure someone's foot cream. Or perhaps it's walking into your boss's office to see him shirtless, administering a spray-on tan. If it happened, I want to know. So I'm looking for contributors in the following areas:

  • Talent Agencies/Management firms -- There is no wackier place in Hollywood than an agency. Duplicitous behavior combined with stimulants always make for great stories. This area is woefully underrepresented in my postings because I can't stomach working at them any more. But some of you are braver than I.
  • PR Firms -- As the crystal meth-using, toupee-sporting tennis star Andre Agassi used to say, "Image is Everything." And no place is more tuned into image (as well as meth and toupees) as a Hollywood PR firm. I think it'd be fun to share the stories that happen here. This is not about aggregating celebrity gossip. There are thousands of other sites for that. I want the dirt behind the dirt.
  • NYC -- I think something happens there. Or did everything move to cities with better tax incentives and no labor union issues? Let me know.
  • Production Offices -- I aspire to join you people, but no one will hire me. Until then, regale me with stories so I can live vicariously through you. Alternatively, you'll convince me that my Emerald City is nothing more than a double-wide with Kryptonite siding.
I'm also interested in what happens at casting agencies, financiers and at personal assistant gigs. Let's share our misery and a laugh.

Send your musing whenever it strikes your fancy. You can submit it through the "Overheard in Hollywood" box in the left column or email me at tempx@tempdiaries.com. Regardless of how you send it, know that confidentiality is paramount. I won't tell anyone if you don't. The only reason email is preferred is if I have items I want to clarify. But whatever works.
No. Maybe when I get advertisers. But you can use it to pad your resume. That's fine with me.

It's fun and cheaper than therapy.


Now start writing so I can take a couple days off.

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