Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So apparently there's this thing called Twitter...

Who to send wiener shots to?
Did you want more of Temp X?  Are my every day musings not enough to satisfy your cravings for everything unimportant in Hollywood?  Wanna know what happens during each unexciting moment of my day?  Well perhaps you should follow me on Twitter.  Here's just a sample of recent things I've been saying in 140 characters or less.
  • Don't tell my boss that I'm slightly hungover. Of course, she'll figure it out because the quality of my work today is going to suck.
  • If Santorum means that, I'd hate to think what a Gingrich is.
  • Everyone that chose to show up has gone for the day. Summer Friday means it's me, the maintenance people and YouTube.  
  • With Shaq retiring, this means that Baron Davis is now officially the most out of shape NBA player.
  • Does it matter if those are Blake Lively's boobies or someone else's boobies? Boobies are boobies.
  • My co-worker has at least four houses but doesn't know how to spell. Time for me to get stupid.
  • I'm pretty sure my co-worker got stoned during lunch. Either that or he got attacked by a skunk.
  • Ideas on writing Charlie Sheen out of 2 1/2 Men: Bored with his life, Charlie gets his PhD in physics and joins the cast of Big Bang Theory.
  • Feeling a mild sense of satisfaction knowing the person I'm temping for has my site bookmarked.
  • Some days I just have nothing to say.
And I promise, no pictures of my crotch...unless you ask nicely.

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