Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard: Whiteness at THR

Perhaps you recall late in 2010 when I did a series documenting how few minorities The Hollywood Reporter involved in their Academy Award roundtables. It was an impressive streak in which THR did seven of these discussions involving 41 actors/producers/directors. Of these 41 people, there were a sum total of ZERO minorities.

Well, The Hollywood Reporter is at it again. This time they're doing roundtables leading up to Emmy nominations. In their most recent edition, they've gathered an impressive group of seven white comic actors -- Joel McHale, Chris Colfer, Ed O'Neill, Danny DeVito, Rob Lowe, Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Cryer -- to discuss the finer points of being funny on TV.  What THR didn't get was any minorities to contribute to the discussion.

Keep up the good work.

Not Pictured: Tracy Morgan, Aziz Ansari, LaVan Davis, Kunal Nayyar

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