Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Larry King Tuesday

After too many years on the air, Larry King's last show is this Thursday.   So it only seems appropriate that I do another, and probably my last, Larry King column.  Plus I don't have that much to say.  How fitting. 

$#*! my congressman says
I just got my annual statement from Social Security.  My earnings since college have basically been a bell curve.  This is not what was supposed to happen.  I'm sure these new tax breaks for those earning $250k or more will help.

It's only 10 more shopping days until Christmas.  And what makes a better gift for your wife, your ex-wife, your girlfriend and/or your mistress than a beautiful, hand made purse.  And who makes these lovely gift items?  Sister X.  Check out her page.  Buy them all.

Wanna know what I think about the Black List?  Movieline did.  You should too. After all these years, I still give good quote.

Do you think I'm cheeky?

(Not Really) As funny as ever
Keith Olbermann needs to: 1) Stop the countdown to the 2012 election...at least until 2012; 2) Get rid of the "Not Really" next to "Worst Persons in the World."  I don't know who's tinkering with WPOW, but it's annoying and makes you look silly; 3) Get guests other than Eugene Robinson, Chris Hayes and Richard "Renegade: The Making of a President" Wolffe.
Degenerate X was 1-2 versus the spread last week.  And in the games I lost, Tampa Bay was favored by 2 (they won 17-16) and Philly was favored by 3.5 (they won 30-27).  Either odds makers are good at their jobs or football is rigged.

The Iraq
Finding good friends isn't easy.  Take time to really appreciate those important people in your life.

NPR spends taxpayer dollars writing about me.  I'm worth every penny.
Larry King asked Conan if he's talked to Leno since their dust up.  That's like asking Larry if Carrie Prejean has called him recently.  Although she may not know how to dial the phone.

Wondering if Piers Morgan writes the same way Larry King does?  Or will I have to learn a new writing style?

And how better to celebrate Larry's departure from basic cable than a classic prank from the Howard Stern show.


Stephanie K said...

Nice shout-out in the MovieLine article! Two gold stars for you today.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna post the same thing! Nicely done! And they didn't even have to explain who you are-- they just assumed everyone knew about you :)

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