Friday, December 31, 2010

Temp Diaries = Award Winner

I'd like to thank me.
It's about time that someone recognize me with an award.  In fact, I'd say it's long overdue.  I was hoping for a Peabody, a Nobel Prize or at least a Soul Train award.  But until then, I'm stuck with CityWatch's Front Seat award.  Apparently I'm being awarded for my ability to recognize that Hollywood is a cesspool of idiots.  Not that hard to do, but I guess I earned it.

This year, our Front Seat award is given to Anonymous, the author of a blog called The Hollywood Temp Diaries. 
This author has obviously had more local experience than that rental car driver, but nevertheless manages to convey the resentment of those who don't move right into the corner suite of a major talent agency ten minutes after exiting the Greyhound terminal.  Here's one snippet to convey the tone of the HTD:
Monday, December 6, 2010


Nothing of note happened last week. I had a temp gig that paid a sum total of $112.50 (before taxes).  I did a little bit of writing.  And I helped a friend move out of LA.  Oh how I envy her.
OK, this blog does show some wit, as its author likes to point out, but we are entitled to wonder why he stays here if it is all so repugnant. Is he confined to Hollywood by some condition of probation? If not, why not go to Chicago, where there is lots of regional theater, music, and city sponsorship of the arts?
By the way, the overall theme of the blog is that temp work is underpaid and demeaning, and that some employers are jerks. Just in case you didn't know.

To answer his question as to why I don't move to Chicago, I'll simply ask which of the major studios are headquartered in Chicago.  Paramount?  Universal?  Warner Bros?  Fox?  And what about TV networks?  Can't think of any yet, huh?  Even Oprah, Queen of Chicago, knew to set up the Oprah Winfrey Network in Los Angeles.  Think before you write.

As for the "some wit" comment, I believe I offer more than "some."  Jerk.


Anonymous said...

What's most interesting is that the "snippet" used by the writer doesn't accurately convey the tone of your blog, despite the writer's implication that it does. The Front Seat Award writer is like the scientist who has a conclusion and then fits his experiment and/or facts to fit it. The result is biased, lacks adequate substantiation and is, ultimately, inconsequential. I might not like every one of your posts, but the hits outweigh the misses by a large margin. Thanks and best wishes for good times in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Props, Anonymous! I'm STILL a temp six months after having moved to L.A. and it's nice to find someplace where people share my pain.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the sample he picked. Your work is much better/funnier/wittier than what he used as a sample. Congratulations on the award.

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