Friday, December 17, 2010

Last post of 2010

Today is the day that most of Hollywood shuts down until the week after Sundance.  That means no one will be around to read my blog and lavish praise upon me.  And if no one is going to lavish praise on me, then why should I bother writing.  And that's perfect, because after 240 postings in 2010, I'm worn out.

But before I go elf hunting, I just thought I'd share a few thoughts:
  • To those of you scratching and clawing your way through Hollywood, I admire your strength.  The entertainment industry isn't for everyone.  It's full of emotional peaks and valleys that wreak havoc on your insides.  Remember what the Prophet Mila Kunis told Nylon Magazine, "This is the worst industry...the whole thing is based so much on opinion and nobody is wrong."  Here's hoping that opinion works in your favor real soon.
  • I hope you like the site and I thank you for spreading the word.  I knew when I started the Temp Diaries a lot people felt the same way I did -- underemployed, underappreciated and underpaid.  If I by sharing my experiences and thoughts I can bring a little light to your day, then I've accomplished my goal. (Well, that and selling it as a TV series would be nice.)
  • I'm happy to say the job list has helped many people find work and secure interviews.  To those who can't yet find work, all I can say is keep trying.  Oh, and if you're under 30 years old, don't have a resume longer than a page.  Trust me on this one.
  • I will be introducing a new website on January 10, 2011 that has nothing to do with Hollywood.  So stay tuned.  And when I do launch it, please be sure to tell your friends.  It'll be fun.
  • And on this week's Unemployment Supplement, I'm picking Pittsburgh (-6) to cover vs NY Jets, Oakland (-7) over Denver and Cleveland (+1.5) to upset Cincinnati.  Holy cow.  I really am turning into Larry King.
Well, that's it.  I was trying to figure out the right song to play us out.  I considered something seasonal.  Then I tried something that was a play on words.  After that I tried something a little more downbeat.  None of it worked.  So I'm picking something fun and festive.  Happy hour!


Jax Nic Nax said...

merry xmas!!! thank you for this website! it is so good!

LadyUranus said...

Thanks, Temp X! This year was more full of downs than ups, but I won't give up (at least until I'm 30...)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for entertaining me in 2010!!!

Kekoa said...

All the best in 2011, Temp X...

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