Friday, December 10, 2010

Degenerate X's Unemployment Supplements

I was a perfect 3-0 versus the spread last week (check my Twitters).  But what's the point in stopping while while I'm ahead?  Plus no one reads my Friday posts.

The truth is, I get tired of talking about how Hollywood sucks.  Same thing every day.  I have interests outside of getting yelled at and doing work well below my skill level.  I was going to list all the senators who voted against healthcare bill for 9-11 First Responders.  But, I instead decided to offer uninformed betting tips.  Here are this week's picks.

Pittsburgh (-8.5) vs. Cincinnati:
Degenerate X picks: Pittsburgh to cover

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
Roethlisberger beat the vaunted Ravens defense with a busted schnoz and a bad foot. Imagine what he'll do the brain dead Bengals defense. I mean seriously, everyone knew Brees was gonna do a hard count and call time out. Ok, everyone except the Bengals defense. Plus the game is in Pittsburgh, which I'm told means something.

Tampa Bay (-2) at Washington
Degenerate X picks: Tampa Bay to cover

Are you winking at me?
Tampa pushed the Falcons to the last minute before losing on a controversial call. Haynesworth is out for bad behavior and...well...did you see how the rest of the Redskins defense played against the overrated Giants? Look for the Bucs to run all over the 'Skins. Weather shouldn't be a big factor. 45 and rainy is perfect running weather. I never liked a 3-4 defense and neither should you.

Philadelphia (-3.5) at Dallas
Degenerate X picks: Philadelphia to cover

Are YOU winking at me?
Don't be fooled by the Dallas resurgence. The Colts beat themselves. The Cowboys were just happened to be there. And your average Lingerie Football League team could beat Detroit. So I'm not giving Dallas any credit for that one. As for their win against the Giants...see previous statement about the Giants. The Cowboys also lost Dez Bryant for the season, meaning Miles Austin will see double teams all day. As much as I dislike Michael Vick (and I do), I gotta believe they can cover.

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I like Degenerate X. good picks but I take offense to the detroit comment.

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