Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is getting silly, but what the heck.

I'd do a whole long lead in, but what's the point.  The Hollywood Reporter has quickly shot past Nikki Finke in lazy reporting.  In their Awards Watch Roundtable series, they are now 4-for-4 in not including people of color.  The most recent example is The Animators with its distinguished guests five white guys (Roy Conli, Bob Last, Tom McGrath, Chris Meledandri, Lee Unkrich) and Bonnie Arnold.  Oh, and for anyone wondering about the woman at the far right, she's a THR reporter.  Still no people of color.  I wonder if they're going to have Awards Watch Roundtable: The Minorities? 

Not Pictured: Ken Katsumoto, Seemha Ramanna, Aghi Koh

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