Monday, November 29, 2010

The Official Temp Diaries Christmas Carol: "Happy Xmas (Temping Sucks)"

'Tis the season, or something like that.  And what kind of Grinch would I be if I didn't participate.  So I deliver to you my pièce de résistance -- the official Hollywood Temp Diaries Christmas carol.  It's to the tune of "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" by John Lennon.  I like to call it "Happy Xmas (Temping Sucks)."

To all who don't like my song parodies, there's a lump of something waiting in your stockings.  To everyone who likes them, hit the play button and sing along.

So I'm temping on Christmas
'Cause I can't find a job
Another year wasted
As a Hollywood slob

And I'm temping on Christmas
In Business Affairs
The phone isn't ringing
I'm bored but who cares?

And I'm temping on Christmas
Is it yet the New Year?
Or at least six o'clock?
It isn't I fear.

And I'm temping on Christmas
I wish it was fun
At 10 bucks an hour
Will this day soon be done?

And I'm temping on Christmas
Is my diploma worth squat?
I just want an agent
To give me a shot.

And I'm temping on Christmas
It still isn't fun
Unemployment is stable
It's around nine point one

And I'm temping on Christmas
Sorting office supplies
I'd sure like a job
That would be a nice surprise

And I'm temping on Christmas
Likely in to next year
At least I have something
That'll pay for my beer.

And I'm temping on Christmas
Wondering when things went wrong
I'm considering law school
Now let's all sing along

Temping sucks
Moving home


Anonymous said...

The title of the tune you're borrowing is "Happy Xmas (War is Over)." But I completely understand if you don't like facts getting in the way of a good parody post.

Temp X said...

Corrected for your pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to know someone is listening...or, um, reading...

Anonymous said...

I like your songs. Please do more of them.

Anonymous said...

i second. your songs are so good that you may be able to make a living from it.

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