Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Thoughts (a.k.a. Larry King Monday)

If I dream at night about work, is it ok to put in for overtime on my time sheet?

My boss's schedule for last Friday consisted of a two-hour lunch, a two-hour massage and a three-hour session with a personal trainer.  My boss made maybe four phone calls and spent the rest of the time doodling.  Yet my boss often comments, "I just don't have enough time."  I often think, "To do what?"

2D movies are $10.  3D movies are $18.  So if I pay another $8 can pay for the 4th dimension and time travel through the 30 minutes of previews?

Yet another vampire movie is going into development.  This one is called Vampire Academy (read: Harry Potter with Fangs).  Can someone drive a stake through the heart of this fad? 

No one should be surprised that LeBron James went to Miami.  In fact, ESPN's "The Decision" was basically scooped by Miami Hoops Gear, the official Miami Heat clothing/retail site hours before the announcement with the following ad...

How is it that five days in Brooklyn is more fun than five years in LA?

Should I be offended or relieved that my boss suggested taking an intern to Comic Con before thinking of taking me?

Who is creepier:  Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson or Woody Allen?

It's only two more months until the 2010 Brown List nomination process begins.  For those of you who don't know what the Brown List is, this should help...

Larry King didn't retire from CNN.  He was forced out.  I don't have any proof of this other than to point to CNN's crappy ratings and the growth of MSNBC and Fox News.  Anyone who believes otherwise is as confused as Larry King.


Anonymous said...

I am black woman and I have to say that drunking sad misinformed mel does not deserve to be in that category. Mel should do a reality show that comprises his therapy sessions. The n word is terrible but what got to me is the pack part.

roxy said...

I posted this on nikke site:
It,s sad that hollywood and its press defend a child rapist. Nikki, I excepted better from you.
Then she took her name off of the byline and added deadline team if you think roman was right then stand by it.

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