Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Night Poetry

Nothing gets Temp X more in the mood for poetry than a hour commute to go 7 miles. Ok, the leftover Japanese food and beer helps that. And in keeping with this theme, Temp X has written some haikus to celebrate the beauty that is working in Hollywood.

Hi this is your Pimp.
Do you know FileMaker?
No. Can you fake it?

A reason for hope.
That script about Cavemen sucked.
But they got a show.

It's Perm, CAA.
You'll need to have a thick skin.
Twelve-hour days are fine?

A fun gig for you,
Six weeks in business affairs.
Wait. You don't want it?

Hi, it's (name withheld)
Paramount lot in an hour?
You're helping them move.

I'm thirsty, are you?
Great. Grande Chai Tea Latte.
If you fly, I'll buy.

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