Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nikki Finke: Still crazy after all these years

Nikki Finke is at it again.  It's been a while since the dingbat did something incredibly stupid, but she's returned in full force.

Following the tragedy in Aurora, Darling Nikki opted to ask her ever-depleting fan base a couple of horribly insensitive questions regarding the box office success of The Dark Knight Rises.

She doubled down on her wacky by telling Fishbowl LA, "Of course it was important for Deadline to look at the box office ramifications of this tragedy. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t."

But the truth is, we should have seen this coming.  Finke has a pretty good track record of writing wrong, and often downright creepy, questions for her site.  The folks at the Hollywood Temp Diaries tracked down some of them as a reminder of her questionable past. 

If there's one redeeming thing about Finke, she does have a pretty good theme song.


Anonymous said...

The first question you posted from her is a legitmate question for an entertainment/news site to be asking. All of the others are awful and tacky.

Anonymous said...

She went about it the wrong way, also she was a journo now shes a bloggrr. She did not have to ask that question.

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