Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PR 101 with TNT & WB

PR is a pretty easy job.  I know this first hand.  The rules are pretty simple: Know your audience, write to that audience and, for God's sake, don't say anything stupid.

Now Larry Hagman recently announced that he's been diagnosed with cancer.  And this is terrible news.  It's totally understandable and expected that TNT and Warner Bros would want to issue a statement about this because he's involved in the upcoming Dallas reboot.  But, as you'll see, they quickly violated the "don't say anything stupid" code.

Below I've posted their official statement about Hagman.  Somehow they managed to combine a "we're sending our thoughts his way" sentiment with a "don't forget to watch the show" plug...
"Everyone at Warner Horizon Television, TNT and the entire Dallas family completely supports Larry Hagman during this time. We look forward to watching Larry once again work his magic by bringing one of television's most interesting, complex and controversial characters back to the screen in the new Dallas series."
Is it me, or is the only thing that's missing is the date and time of the premiere?

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Anonymous said...

ya, they could have at least made it into 2 paragraph

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