Thursday, July 25, 2013

When photo editors attack!!

We've all seen how movies, TV shows and advertisers Photoshop the hell out of celebs in different print campaigns.  Heck, there's even a site called Photoshop Disasters where you can see these efforts and how they go terribly wrong - from completely overhauling Megan Fox's complexion to eliminating one of Katy Perry's fingers.

But you've probably never seen is exactly what the photo editor decides needs fixing, and how awful it is.  The following comes to me courtesy of Miki Yamashita.  Miki is a lovely woman who acts, sings and has been in many a national ad campaign.  This one was for [company name redacted].

Notice the amusing ways in which they want to plump up her lips, tone down her cleavage (odd, I know) and, falling somewhere between comical and offensive, "open eyes."

So now you know.

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