Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brown List 2012 -- Call for Nominations is now CLOSED


For the fourth year in a row, the Temp Diaries is surveying its readers to identify the MOST-LIKED and LEAST-LIKED entertainment executives.  Once the results are tallied and the report is released, they are compiled into something I've called THE BROWN LIST.  THE BROWN LIST is designed to serve as a resource for job seekers to answer the question "Do I really want to work for [Hollywood Executive]?"

Nomination is easy.  Using the form below:
  • Write in your MOST-LIKED entertainment industry executive.
  • Write in your LEAST-LIKED entertainment industry executive.
  • Add any comments you feel like about your nominees.
  • Hit Submit.  All entries are completely anonymous. (See below for more info)
[Note:  Please include their company if you know it.]

THE BROWN LIST uses American Idol-style voting.  So nominate someone as many times as you want.  The deadline for nominations is October 5, 2012 at 11:59 p.m.  I will then tabulate the results and release them October 16, 2011, which by no small coincidence is Boss's Day.

Now get to voting...

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Anonymous said...

John accepted an Emmy as a graphic artist for Sport Science under his name. The thing is, John is not a graphic artist. He has no experience or expertise as a graphic artist. He simple forced his team to include his name as a "graphic artist" on the Emmy application. Upon nomination, he refused to allow his graphic team to join him at the Emmy awards. He accepted the award - that they earned - under he pretense that he did the work. Then, as an added insult, he refused to buy them the $400 Emmy statuette for their fine work on that show. Any anybody wonders why he tops the "brown list".

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